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“You are WakeUp!”

Dear friends, we are launching the “You are WakeUp!” campaign which looks like a ticket pre-sale but in fact serves as the only way to make “Experiment #7” happen.

Dear awaken people, we are at the doorstep of the seventh “WakeUp! Experiment”. It has been six years since a single party grew into a festival with traditions and turned into a social experiment. All this happened not only because of us or only because of you, but because we were and still are in it together.

“Experiment #7” is a popular but not a commercial event which, for another year, we decided to promote in an unconventional way.

If you have you own shop, bar, yoga studio, restaurant, workshop or a place where you express yourself, contact us so that we unite our efforts in our mutual promoting.

4 – days tickets pre-sale

From 01.12.2016 to 31.12.2016
– Christmas ticket (one person) – 20 EU
– Christmas ticket (two persons) – 35 EU *
– Family ticket – 25 EU **
– “You are Experiment” – 50 EU ***

From 01.01.2017 to 28.02.2017
– Single ticket + present “WakeЪп!” t-shirt – 25 EU
– Family ticket – 30 EU **
– “You are Experiment” – 50 EU ***

From 01.03 to 30.04.2017
– Single ticket + present Travel kit – 28 EU
– Family ticket – 33 EU **
– “You are Experiment” -50 EU ***

From 01.05 to 05.07.2017
– Single ticket – 30 EU
– Family ticket – 35 EU **
– “You are Experiment” – 50 EU ***

Tickets on door

Single tickets
Thursday (6-th july): 33 EU
Friday (7-th july): 28 EU
Saturday (8-th july): 23 EU
Sunday (9-th july): 10 EU

Family tickets
Thursday (6-th july): 38 EU **
Friday (7-th july): 33 EU **
Saturday (8-th july): 25 EU **
Sunday (9-th july): Free entry **

* Get your CHRISTMAS Pass for 35 EU and choose a friend to take part with in “Experiment #7”.

** 4-day FAMILY Pass – includes entrance for two parents and one or more kids under 14. A copy of each child’s birth certificate is required at the entrance.

*** By buying a ticket during the “You Are Experiment” campaign, you get the opportunity to “look behind the scenes” of “Experiment #7”.
You will enter a beautiful and peaceful place where, in the course of several meet-ups, you will get acquainted with the whole process of organising the experiment, get to know the team behind it and be part of the creation and development of various ideas.