Petar Petrov @ WakeUp! 2015

„Our spiritual leaders“ – lecture will be set forth at the festival WakeAp! Bulgaria Petar Petrov.

I’m sure each of you has felt a secret „presence,“ a feeling of support is the most difficult moments of our zhivoota … well, I call these basically the „spiritual leader“. In stoittsite cases I’ve met people with these basically the they to SEMA most ralichni forms: angels, animals, humanoids, archangels, poultry, energy, three balls that change their place space power cord with a scepter and a beard … I can your storyteller lot about these things, but I’m sure that many have lchien experience you can share!

Moderator: Petar Petrov – Psychologist, Certified Master in „Psychology of Management“ (2009.). In 2006 he graduated nine-month course on hypnosis at the Bulgarian Association of Hypnosis and Hpnoterpiya (BAHH), headed by Milen Nikolov. Since the beginning of 2006. deals with private clients and has acquired extensive experience in leading trips in past lives and meetings with spiritual leaders (over 1,400 individual and 100 group sessions).
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