Science for Kids @ WakeUp! 2016

We are people working in the field of natural sciences and we know that science is all around us. It’s like opened doors to all sorts of knowledge and must start like it in the earliest possible age. Children need scientific knowledge to understand:

1. What processes are in our bodies?
2. How to prepare our food and contents?
3. Why should exercise?
4. How to protect nature, as we are part of it?
5. Why protect clean air and water is the responsibility of all of us?
6. What approach uses science when subjects undergoing study are invisible, intangible or long distance?

Interestingly in our proposal is the way of presenting such knowledge – not by lecturing, not by the book, but through participation. Interactive practical way any child wishing to get a piece of this knowledge. And the part that attracts him most, as science is immense.

To love children science and to acquire some knowledge and skills, we offer a series of experiments that we can do in the open and in which they can participate and children. Part of our ideas are for example:

§ Does acids in the soil around us?
§ How to check what minerals are in a pebble?
§ Can a microscope to see the cells of leaves / grass?
§ How to move aromas in the air and the colors in the liquid?
§ Can we prepare fireworks for the campfire?
§ What are contained in our food?

Science for Kids will participate this year WakeUp! Bulgaria Festival.


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