2014 „Back to the roots“

Wake up Festival “Back to the roots” 2014

Wake up Bulgaria is an association created and functioning thanks to you- the awakened people. The organization is here because it needed to exist, one way or the other we need to make the transformation from the closed mind to an open consciousness. We strongly believe that it will provoke us when we are ready to be positive and creative. Let’s be the living and breathing example for the youngsters, who will eventually be the future of not only Bulgaria but also the whole world.

The seed that we had planted in 2011 is now alive. In order to continue its long life just like every long lasting tradition we focused on the roots that take us way back rather that the fast growth. There for this is also the theme of our sixth festival throughout the four years of history that Wake up Bulgaria has had. “Back to the roots” 2014.

The fairy tale festival will again be held throughout the longest days of the year, from the 20th until the 22nd of July in the heat of the midsummer. The place is the familiar and magical pine forest above Kuklen town on the road toward the century long monastery Saint Kozma and Damian in the heart of the sacred Rhodope mountain (approximately 15 kilometers from Plovdiv city).

There is a Bulgarian proverb that sounds something like this “ Life is easy with songs and music”, we are planning to adapt this saying and interpret as a stage placed above the pines where the DJ-s will be spreading musical vibrations throughout the forest during the day.

There will be two evening stages, which will abduct us in six different parties colorfully printed in different decors and lightening.

Although the diverse musical program the main attention is turned towards the Bulgarian traditions, culture and mentality.

Our other focus is on the introduction to innovative aspects towards a sustainable way of living introduced by the people who share their personal life experiences.

The magical surrounding of the pine forest is completed by the many workshops, traditional handcrafts, art shops, kinder gardens, circus of the wilderness, seminars, horse riding, cinema, theatre, extreme sports, and many more activities that conclude the puzzle of emotions and adventures for the festival’s guests.

Online Tickets from the 15th of March until the 19th of June- 15 Euro


Tickets at the door- 20 Euro

Tickets at the door for family with children under 14- 25 Euro


Evening Music Program- 20.06- Friday

We open the festival on Friday the 20th of June on the “Night” stage with old school hip- hop, breakdance, beat box and scratches. After the opening we are going to burst with some of the old school hip- hop MCs from the underground scene in Bulgaria.

At midnight on the 20th of June, on stage “Night” the deep bass will graduate towards the stage of drum & bass.

DJ and MC from Great Britain will be the icing of the cake of Friday night’s big stage. The full on bass lane will spread up until the sunrise from the high level artists of the leading drum & bass crew H.M.S.U.

After the sunset on the 20th of June, on stage “Sphere” even the décor will come to life with their full on colors and some psy trance party. Several days ago a popular DJ from the Balkans confirmed their participation for the first time in Bulgaria.


Saturday the 21st of June

We are going to open with the night ethno- fusion program on the “Night” stage with the ancient Bulgarian tradition- Kukuri, practiced to chase away evil spirits. A part of the program will also be the thousand- year- old tradition called Nestinarstvo, a representation of a dance on fire glow under the sound of back pipes. The musical program will go trough world fusion music, Balkan beat, and DJ sets with electronic music combined with ethno elements until the morning. For a third year in a roll the sunrise on Sunday morning will be welcomed with back pipes, Rhodope songs and traditional Bulgarian dances (horo).


On Saturday the 21st of June, after dusk stage “Sphere” will light up in white welcoming the fans of house music. The tip of the iceberg will be some familiar artists from abroad.


Sunday the 22nd of June

The “Dizzy cherry” stage is where the after hour party will take place with some Reggae, Ragga, and Jungle music. Closing the music festival we will note with some life performances with a Jamaican flavor.

Daily musical program

The “Dizzy Cherry” stage will be situated high above the pines. From there the DJ will sprinkle with some positive vibrations under the thick shade of the daylight.

The day program for Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd is going to be filled by you.

The people who…

  1. Want to participate – Please send an email for participate info(at)wakeup-bg(dot)com (between the 15.03 and 15.04) you can use also the form in the menu above.


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