2016 WakeUp! Bulgaria „Unity“

The sixth edition of WakeUp! Bulgaria Festival have passed!

The rapidly spreading idea of awakening has been our driving force for six summers in a row now. During this period we realised that spiritual arousal is an individual process and a matter of personal choice.

And while we are not our true selves in our mundane life as we are constantly divided by politics, religion and society, WakeUp! Bulgaria gives an opportunity for unity of the collective consciousness! Experiencing the festival broadens your horizons as it is a meeting point for various cultures and alternative lifestyles that otherwise do not co-exist.

The main idea of our fest is getting thousands of dreamers together while living among nature for a few days.

Why do we do it?
We do it for the emotion, for friends, new points of view, music, the pine forest, the bagpipe, the traditional sunrise dance, the little creek and… The old dogs would know the rest.

We experienced together the WakeUp! union! Everything else is a bonus, as well as the fact that this year’s fest was 4-day-long, from Thursday, July 7th to Sunday, July 10th.