Creative workshop for poetry @ WakeUp! 2016

Creative workshop for poetry is aimed at children. The idea is to awaken their interest and excitement in the world of poeziyata- world that invites the imagination and awakens each other more colorful and vivid insight into the use of words.
We wish in this workshop to join the children to this world through their own useshtane- as attempt to write verse.
Each workshop will begin with a short talk about poeziyata- introduction by us and reaction tyah- what they say is poetry, whether they read, what they like and what caused them; and reading verse by Bulgarian author (Leda Mileva, Valeri Petrov and many others) and a short comment.

The actual writing poetry will happen after setting a specific topic and discuss it ( „discussion“ in children is too strong a word, but we expect them to react to everything spontaneous and natural, which in itself is already discussion), then and starts writing itself.

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