Slackline Bulgaria @ WakeUp! 2016


Slaklayn is the new extreme sport that strongly resembles walking a tightrope, with the difference that is used here not as taut nylon or polyester flat ribbon attached in 2 pillars. The actual traffic ribbon exercising makes this sport to feel like on a long and narrow trampoline. Everyone can find its movement on the strip – from dance and yoga to complex acrobatic tricks choice remains yours. This young sport is already extremely popular in the world and in our country, mainly because of its simplicity and flexibility, and because of that everyone can practice it without restrictions.


Bulgarian slaklayn scene is growing every day and increasingly people gather and enjoy the benefits and fun of the activity. Slackline Bulgaria this year will slaklayn workshop and a place with different heights lanes every enthusiast and demonstrations in style tricklining. WakeUp! Bulgaria 2016 invites all fans of slaklayninga to get involved and find balance in ourselves.

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