Sensory labyrinth theatre PERISCOPE’s @ WakeUp! 2017

Welcome to Sensory labyrinth theatre PERISCOPE’s next performance at WakeЪп! festival Experiment 6, on 6-9.07.2017. Inspired by the theater created by anthropologist Enrique Vargas, the sensory theatre is an interactive process that brings about a new form of performance where actors and audience have no clear outlines. The creators of this experience establish a connection with the energies of the location and help them materialize by way of sensory portals. In these places the one going through the labyrinth can interact with the characters who are tuned-in antennas for sensory experiences.


The performances are on 6, 7 and 8 July, 2-6pm.

You can sign up and reserve a slot ONLY at the festival info desk.

For more, please visit:

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