„Wake Up“ Experiment №9 is coming from 2 to 7 July 2019

Experiment 9 will take place between 2 July and 7 July 2019 in the Rhodope Mountains. „Wake up“ is a creative expression that presents an integral intertwining of the material with the spirituality of the world, the tradition with innovation and the social nature. An community of thousands of people from all over the world, […]

2018 begins… „Wake Up“ Experiment №∞

„Wake Up!“ Experiment №∞ (4th-9th july 2018) is our initiative to spread and share what we’ve learned in live, which can enrich each and every person in a different way. For the last couple of years we’ve visited a variety of places here and abroad. We’ve come to see communities striving to live in peace, ever […]

Sensory labyrinth theatre PERISCOPE’s @ WakeUp! 2017

Welcome to Sensory labyrinth theatre PERISCOPE’s next performance at WakeЪп! festival Experiment 6, on 6-9.07.2017. Inspired by the theater created by anthropologist Enrique Vargas, the sensory theatre is an interactive process that brings about a new form of performance where actors and audience have no clear outlines. The creators of this experience establish a connection […]

WakeЪп! Experiment program highlights

At Experiment No7 D.A.O. we are guided by the direction of WakeЪп! – to wake up and rediscover daily new horizons on the way of life. We are going to meet the sunrise recharged after a nourishing calm night in order to learn new skills in the artisan corner, to hear different opinions in the […]

Foltin @ WakeUp! 2016

We are happy to share the band Foltin is coming to Bulgaria for WakeUp! Bulgaria 2016. Foltin (Macedonian: Фолтин) is one of the most important Macedonian bands, and has existed since 1995. Foltin’s music is hard to define, sounds unpredictable and challenging: surreal, passionate and witty, dynamic and full of surprises, blending many different music […]

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