WakeЪп! Experiment program highlights…
At Experiment No7 D.A.O. we are guided by the direction of WakeЪп! – to wake up and rediscover daily new horizons on the way of life.

We are going to meet the sunrise recharged after a nourishing calm night in order to learn new skills in the artisan corner, to hear different opinions in the lecture program, to get familiar with local and foreign practices for inner development or to look at things from bird eye – from the 200-meter rope trolley that will pass above the entire territory of the event.

This year the musical program on the stage in the tree crowns will conclude at midnight, after which we are going to continue with acoustic performances and jam sessions with known and unknown artists.

During the day you can also enjoy labyrinth of the senses by the river, an enormous inflatable trampoline for adrenaline experiences, cinema with educational short films and children circus with guests from other continents.

At dusk we invite you at the theatrical stage under the geodesic dome for young and creative artists who will use humor to remind us of some truths about life.

We are going to present Bulgarian cultural heritage with several dozens of pipe players, folk singers and ensemble and together with the kukeri and fire walkers are going to wind an infinite horo so we can remember that we are all one.

We are going to present this year’s motto – D.A.O. or decentralized autonomous communities – on a map of Bulgaria in an informal surrounding. On this map all autonomous communities, people and organizations can pin their flag and can share where they are from, what they do, and what resources and services they offer.

Let us show together with our personal example that it is possible to live in a community in symbiosis with nature in pure human relationships.