2018 begins… „Wake Up“ Experiment №∞


Wake Up!“ Experiment №∞ (4th-9th july 2018) is our initiative to spread and share what we’ve learned in live, which can enrich each and every person in a different way.

For the last couple of years we’ve visited a variety of places here and abroad. We’ve come to see communities striving to live in peace, ever closer to nature. A lot of people started organizing and frequenting festivals with different motos around the world. All these events allowed the participants and the guests of these festivals to realize they are not alone and they have lots of like-minded friends.

With time these festive ties spilt over into the lives of many people. There are already many places of gathering for young people to create and discuss together. People who do not define each other by religion, race or social status. People who feel equal and respect each other, who study in depth the meaning of the phrase “human being”.

This year Wake Up! celebrates its 8th anniversary and the number 8 as a symbol of infinity will endow us with an even richer spectrum of experiences.
For those of you who live through our experiment every year as a tradition we promise 5 days and nights infused with even deeper information for our ancient traditions and future innovations presented by lectors from around the globe.

For those of you who are about to visit us for the first time we will give you a hint that we are going to rise up in the mountain with the sun every morning, we will learn new skills in the crafts zone, we will hear a lot of different viewpoints in the lecture panel, we will get acquainted with local and foreign practices for inner growth. We will witness theatrical plays, cinema, acoustic concerts, theatre of the senses, folklore evenings with kukeri, fire-walkers, pipe players and an infinite horo, while for the little ones the program is meant to give them a taste of nature that will kindle in their hearts love for the earth.

PS The word “experiment” is a term for a principal that implies no possibility of failure or success. Each experiment leads to results that enrich those involved in it by way of new knowledge and skills – a very rich soil for broadening one’s worldview.


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